JDM Pressed Number Plate with Colour and Size Choice (S5)

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You get 1 Only JDM Pressed Plate 1 x White or 1 xYellow with your Registration or Show Registration.

These Plates are made with 2 size Characters;

Small on the Top Line   

Large on the Bottom.

Plate Size: 300mm x 150mm   OR  Large Size 340mm x 180mm

Your Reg or wording will go across the bottom (JZX-81) 

6 Characters will fit the 300x150mm plate on the bottom.

7 Characters will fit the 340x180mm plate on the bottom.

The IJZ on the Top line in the sample picture can be changed if required.


The JAP Symbols are made with the plate as shown in the sample picture.


The sample picture is showing the plate size 300 x 150mm