Disabled Drivers Motoring Rally 2013

05/09/2013 14:50

Disabled Drivers Motoring Rally 2013


The Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) is holding its annual Disabled Drivers Motoring Rally on Saturday, 14th September 2013. The event will take place in Portlaoise, and the IWA estimated that approximately 50 participants will take part in the event this year, demonstrating their driving and navigational skills on a 160km course around the Laois countryside.

The event will run from the National Mobility Centre which is located in Clane, Co. Kildare. The IWA says that main focus of the IWA Disabled Drivers Motoring Rally is enjoyment and friendly competition, while also providing the opportunity to people with disabilities to demonstrate their driving and navigational skills.

The format involves the drivers and navigators follow directions over four stages – setting off from a starting point at minute intervals while maintaining a pre-set average speed. Direction manuals will be provided to all co-pilots who will navigate the course. Points will be deducted from contestants if they finish a stage too early or too late. Average speed will be recorded and calculated at non-disclosed locations, as well as at the finishing line.

There are a number of different categories which participants can register under, these include: a) Adapted cars with over two years driving experience; b) Adapted cars with less than 2 years driving experience; c) Adapted cars – Lady drivers; and d) Large vehicles over 200cc with either disabled driver or navigator.

Network of driving schools and successful disable driver training
A key aspect of the Motoring and Transport Services provided by IWA is the network of driving schools also coordinated from IWA’s National Mobility Centre. In 2012, the IWA Motoring School assessed 417 people with physical disabilities for their capability to drive and to ascertain what vehicle adaptions they would require. Over 400 students received driving lessons from the Association and 38 students successfully passed their driving test in 2012.

For more information on the annual Disabled Drivers Motoring Rally, contact Tony Maher, IWA Manager with responsibility for Motoring and Transport or Niall McDonnell, IWA staff member who is also a disabled driver at: 01 818 6400, or log on to www.IWA.ie