DVLA Ban Rude Reg

02/07/2013 20:43


A NEW batch of vehicle number plates which spell out rude words have been banned by motoring chiefs.

The “potentially offensive” numbers and letters include BO11 CKS and BU62 GER.

Censors at the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency meet twice a year to decide which plate combinations to block.

Letters that can somehow spell out “bum”, “bonk” or “a***” are on the naughty list, as well as provocative words such as “drugs” and “slags”.

Other sequences that appear to spell rude words when read together were also banned. They included: SH12 EDDS** HAGBB11 TCHK11 LLA and UP** YOU.

Anything ending in KOK is also too offensive, plus combinations with sexual content such as **51 LUT. As well as racy words, any plates with racist or terrorist overtones such as HO57AGE, and MU11 AHS are also kept off the road.

The list of banned plates, released following a Freedom of Information request, shows that slang insults have also been given the chop. But popular text shorthand such as WTF and LMFAO has been spared.

The DVLA has given the green light to many personalised number plates which pass the decency test — and make the authority millions of pounds

In March 2009, the plate 1D sold for a whopping £352,000 and the letters 6B made £130,000 six months earlier.

Other expensive registrations include 51 NGH which sold for £254,000 and K1 NGS which was snapped up for £254,000.

A spokesman for the DVLA said: “We have a responsibility to ensure that the combinations used do not cause offence.”